Accent Reduction Live Online Course for English Speakers

Specialised Accent Reduction Classes for English Speakers

Do you have a regional English accent – Geordie, Scottish, Scouse,
Cockney, West Country, Yorkshire?

Do you feel that your accent requires softening or modifying?

If your answer to the above is ‘Yes’, then these Accent Reduction classes are for you.

Our Specialised Accent Reduction lessons for Regional English Speakers focus on softening distinct regional speech sounds and develops British English Received Pronunciation.

As you will be encouraged to video record your lessons for reference, our Specialised Accent Reduction Classes for English Speakers is offered by Face-to-Face One-to-One Live Online Training via WebCam Skype with your own Specialised Accent Reduction Trainer.

Specialised Accent Reduction Course includes:

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Professional Accent Reduction Training:


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